We hold mentorship sessions with students in schools for the Deaf. We are cognizant of that fact that Deaf children lack people to look up to, people they need to give them that extra push that will enable them conquer whatever fears and challenges they have to shine. To put their best foot forward and continue giving their very best both in school and out of school.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

For many Deaf persons in Kenya access to information is still minimal. Most information is presented in a language the Deaf do not understand and therefore they miss out on crucial sexual and reproductive information that are vital to their growth and personal wellbeing. Deaf students finish school without the know how to navigate the murky waters sexual and reproductive health and rights. Majority become misinformed adults with poor sexual and reproductive health choices and not knowing the rights they have over their sexuality and reproductive rights. This aims to bridge the information gap especially in adolescent children still in school so they are able to access the right information and make conscious decisions regarding the sexual and reproductive health as well as be aware of their rights.

Educational Assistance inform of scholarships, School supplies

For most Deaf children, coming from humble backgrounds denies them access to educational opportunities. Research has shown that only 2% of children in developing counties go to school against a population of seven billion. In Kenya the lack of finances leads to many Deaf children missing out on schooling opportunities and others dropping out of school due to poverty. Deaf Girls Education Foundation strives to increase the number of children attending school and decrease the school drop put by providing uniforms, personal effects, academic materials as well as financial assistance to finish school.

Economic Empowerment through training and funding income generating activities

While many Deaf Youth upon completion of the mandatory 4years of schooling join vocational courses that will enable them to become self-reliant, they often lack access to economic resources that will enable them start become self employed. Almost half of Deaf Kenyans who finish school have some form of vocational training. This training when put to use will give so many opportunities to become productive members of the society by starting initiatives that will enable them earn income and ultimately contribute to economic development of the country as well as reduce over reliance on charity for survival when they can be economically productive.

Channeling support for victims of sexual abuse both legally and psychologically.

Sexual Abuse especially among Deaf women and girls is on the increase. This is made worse by the lack of reporting channels, barriers to accessing justice for the victims due to the inaccessibility of the court processes. This makes victims of sexual abuse continue to suffer while perpetrators re well known and court processes drag on for years. Lack of psychological support also prevents victims from healing and most end up scarred for life. DGEF seeks to speed up legal cases involving sexually abused Deaf children as well as offer psychological support and ensure victims get the justice they deserve without cases being swept under the carpet as has been the case.

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Despite being a year old, we have successfully carried out mentorship events in three schools for the Deaf in Kenya, contributed towards successful planning of the international Deaf Awareness week, 2016, Mobilized a team of Deaf Mentors for the Mentorship Programs, and involved in facilitating two Leadership Camps for Deaf Girls and Boys.

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