Advocacy/ Sensitization

Advocating for access to educational opportunities for Deaf girls (and boys), access to information as well as being informed on their sexual and reproductive rights.

Economic empowerment

To address the lack of access to economic activities, generate income for Deaf households and reduce the vicious circle of poverty that had continued to plug Deaf Community in Kenya.

Community involvement

Involving the community in advancing the welfare of Deaf children through sensitization, creating awareness on their needs, involving them in activities that advance the welfare of Deaf children and Youth to ensure sustainability.

Sexual Reproductive Health Clubs

Exposing students to sexual and reproductive health rights, demystifying issues to deal with sexual and reproductive rights, providing information in a language they can easily understand to enable them make informed choices for a better life.

Mentorship and Leadership Camps

Cultivating Leadership potential in Deaf children, giving them opportunities to interact with successful Deaf persons and organizing mentorship sessions in schools for the Deaf, building their dreams and enabling them have a positive outlook on life.

Partnership with Scholarship Providers

To enable more Deaf children access financial resources so as to be able to complete school and have post-secondary training in various fields for self-reliance.

Peer Educators

Training Peer Educators to engage Deaf children on Sexual and Reproductive rights, Academics as well as participate in mentorship activities.

Support Us

Despite being a year old, we have successfully carried out mentorship events in three schools for the Deaf in Kenya, contributed towards successful planning of the international Deaf Awareness week, 2016, Mobilized a team of Deaf Mentors for the Mentorship Programs, and involved in facilitating two Leadership Camps for Deaf Girls and Boys.

Support us via:

Account Name:    Deaf Girls Education Foundation,

Bank name:         Barclay bank of Kenya

Account number: 2036600929

Branch:               Moi Avenue